Oman Arab Bank wins two accolades for International Quality Standards on Customer Service

In its continued quest to improve the quality of banking services provided to customers, Oman Arab Bank recently won two accolades in terms of international quality standards in line with the development, establishment and control of the customer service quality system in the bank. The Call centre, Sales department and Customer Complaint Management have been awarded the ISO certification (ISO 9001: 2008) for quality management systems and ISO certification (ISO 10002: 2004) for the customer complaints handling system.

This was after passing the external audit process conducted by the ‘URS’ company accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) over two days last December. Preparations for gaining the international certification earlier lasted a year and a half, managed by the Systems Control and Quality Assurance Department in the Bank. Gaining this certificate is an international recognition of the Bank’s commitment to the development of administrative work and its efforts to adopt global practices. ISO is a global assessment system used to classify the applicable standards, which require the performance of a professional service and high quality.

Therefore, it is important to apply the international standards of ISO, as it will reflect positively on the services provided to customers. These two certificates are considered as the highest international standard certificates awarded to meet excellence in quality management and customer service. It reflects the senior management’s commitment of the bank to apply the international standards. Obtaining these two certificates confirm the Bank’s focus on quality management systems and handling customer complaints system, which leads to further development and improvement in business.

The Quality Management System aims to analyse, document and measure the effectiveness and control. It applies the processes effectively to ensure the best results are pre-planned and to ensure continuous improvement and development of these processes. Institutional commitment towards performance is brought about by application of the system in the institutions. Accordingly, procedures are subject to periodic review and evaluation, which enable the identification of measurable indicators of performance and follow-up to achieve the best results.