Oman Arab Bank Announces the New “Hassad” Scheme Savings Account for 2016

Muscat:  January 2016:

Oman Arab Bank (OAB) has revamped its “Hassad” Savings Scheme for 2016 to encourage its customers to save. OAB customers can now win larger cash prizes throughout the year. As a new addition to “Hassad” draws scheme, Oman Arab Bank has introduced a new exclusive segment to the “Hassad” draws with lots of exciting prizes that focus on bigger monthly regional prizes, mega draw prizes and special prizes for special occasions.

OAB has increased the monthly regional prize from RO 20,000 per winner in 2015 to a greater prize of RO 40,000 per winner in 2016. “Hassad” also continues to reward its younger segment and female savings account holders by offering them higher value prizes. Five lucky female winners will win RO 1,500 each every month increased from RO 1,000 in 2015. Five lucky child account holders will also win RO 1,000 each every month increased from RO 500 in 2015. “Hassad” savings scheme will end the year with a Mega draw of RO 50,000 for 2 lucky winners each!

Mr. Fahd Amjad – General Manager Retail Banking said: “The new “Hassad” savings scheme will reward more winners amongst our loyal customers. In order to cover the largest geographical segment in the Sultanate, we have enhanced the popular monthly regional draw to now reward a winner with RO40,000 each compared to last year’s RO20,000. “Hassad” aims to bring more winners to the Sultanate in 2016.”

The new exclusive customer segment to reward for their savings within “Hassad” prize scheme is OAB’s newly established Elite Priority banking segment. Elite customers will be eligible to win a whopping prize draw of RO 100,000 in both June and December each. The Elite Priority Banking customers maintaining a minimum balance of RO 35,000 are eligible to participate in all “Hassad” prize draws, in addition to exclusive prize draws earmarked for them.

“Hassad” celebrates the Sultanate’s special occasions with specially designed draws for Eid Al Fitr , Women’s Day & National Day. Customers will be rewarded on Eid Al Fitr with 5 winners winning RO 1000 each. Women’s Day will reward 5 female winners RO1,500 each and celebrating National Day with 46 winners winning RO1000 each .

Mrs. Hana Al Hinai- AGM Wealth Management, Bancassurance and Liabilities said:  With the new “Hassad”, OAB is looking to reward various segments for our customers be it parent saving for a child’s future or an Elite customer investing his life savings with OAB. We encourage everyone to invest with “Hassad” account and enjoy the excitement of winning one of our exclusive prizes this year.

Oman Arab Bank is a leading bank and owns a wide network of branches consisting of 67 branches and 120 ATMs and CDMs spread over the various provinces of the Sultanate. The Bank provides a range of products and services catered to serve the financial needs for Retail customers, corporate customers, and investment customers.