Cash Management

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Cash Management

We at Oman Arab Bank understand our have very diverse and sophisticated needs in today’s transnational banking environment. With this in mind, we have embarked on a number of new initiatives in order to serve our clients in a more efficient and technologically driven environment. We are pleased to introduce some of our new services which have been tailor-made for our customers. Bearing in mind today’s evolving financial demands, we continue to invest in more innovative banking solutions for your absolute comfort.

Corporate Internet Banking

We are pleased to announce the launch of our state-of-the-art Internet Banking Platform where corporate customers will be able to perform numerous cash management functions. This platform allows for various types of payments, including salaries, as well as account information management, including downloading ERP systems and many other key features. Our systems are comprehensive and adaptable to numerous corporate requirements and, with the launch of our Internet Banking Platform, we are confident in our ability to offer a solid suite of tools that have been tailored to your requirements.

Corporate customers may enlist for this service by completing the application form available via the link on this page. Please ensure all relevant information is inserted electronically on the editable PDF form below. Original signatures are to be placed both on the application and the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting them to the Bank. The applications can be handed over at your nearest Oman Arab Bank branch.

Download the corporate internet banking application

Corporate Credit Cards

There are two types of cards that we offer our corporate clients to manage their business expenditures with.

The first is a VISA credit card that could be utilised to make routine government payments. It could even be restricted to specific merchants other than the government if required. This solution could be used for sundry disbursements where companies can control where and what the card can be used on.

The other is a MasterCard that could be used extensively for all corporate expenses such as travel and entertainment without restrictions. This card could be assigned to any number of Individuals in your organisation and can be used for all company expenses in the travel and entertainment segment.

We will be delighted to offer either types of cards as per the requirements of your company.

For any enquiries, please contact your Relationship Manager or visit your nearest OAB Branch. You may also call us on 24754407.

Wage protection system (WPS)

In line with regulatory requirements, all Corporate clients “employers” in Oman are required to submit their salary transfer requests under the Wages Protection System (WPS) using a structured file approved by the Central Bank of Oman. 

Oman Arab Bank supports this file upload via 2 channels: 

1-  Corporate Online Banking: You will be requested to submit an application form 

2-  Secured files with password protected that can be submitted via our branches. Please click on the link below to download the tool that will enable you to create the file.

Download Payment Files Generator – WPS

For further information, please reach out to:

Email: for Corporate Clients, or for non-borrowing SMEs.

Electronic Remittance Form

We have simplified the funds transfer process by introducing Electronic Remittance Application form. Corporate customers will need to download and install a specific free software, called ‘SnapForm’; preferably on respective PC where these transactions are initiated. Once the application has been populated with the required data, the software will generate an updated form with a 3D Barcode, which needs to be printed and signed by authorised signatories; prior to being delivered at an Oman Arab Bank branch.

Download Payment Files Generator – WPS