OAB Organises a Special Event to Celebrate Omani Women’s Day

Muscat, 22 October 2022: Oman Arab Bank (“OAB”) celebrated Omani Women’s Day with a special event organized exclusively for its female employees at the Bank’s Headquarters.

The Omani Women’s Day event showcased the Bank’s commitment to fostering an inclusive organizational culture and celebrating the integral role that Omani women continue to play in the development of Oman’s socioeconomic goals and objectives.

The event was a huge success and saw a large number of female employees attending various educational and wellness workshops throughout the day to help them realize their personal and professional goals and unlock their full potential.

Commenting on Omani Women’s Day, Leen Al Atassi, Head of Corporate Communications said: “We are delighted to recognize and celebrate the valuable contributions and achievements of Omani women. At OAB, we emphasize and value promoting women in leadership roles and developing future women leaders. We place significant importance on gender diversity in the workplace, with more than 39% of our workforce comprising of women and 36% of middle management positions filled by women. We are also proud to have 16 talented women leaders running our branches across Oman.”

Throughout the month, OAB will be featuring stories of women leaders across the branch network on its social media channels.