OAB Opens New Flagship Branch in Al Khoud

Muscat, July 20, 2020: Oman Arab Bank opened its new branch in the Al-Khoud district in Muscat on the 1st of July. The branch was shifted from its previous location to a new one near the Office of Educational Supervision – Ministry of Education, allowing for easy access to customers. The new branch has been designed based on the Bank’s commitment to focus more on its customers and to continue providing them with the best services. OAB looks to offer advanced facilities and banking services in the heart of the capital, so as to be closer to the largest number of customers in the region.

Commenting on the opening of the new branch, Rashad Al Shaikh, Acting Head of the Retail Banking Division at OAB said, “The transformation of the Al Khoud branch and its new location is in line with the Bank’s strategy to develop and provide personalised levels of service. This also reflects our concepts and vision when it comes to future banking services and we aim to gradually expand this to all our OAB branches, in order to provide our customers with a unique banking experience”.

Similar to the other transformed branches, the new Al Khoud branch features an enhanced brand identity with a refreshed look and feel, coupled with contemporary design. The design concept has been reinforced with several features and systems that have been introduced as part of the Bank’s transformation strategy. It aims to provide exceptional integrated customer experience, beginning from the waiting area, to the movement between the various sections of the branch and until customers complete all their banking needs. Moreover, the branch includes screens that promote the various products and services offered by OAB, as well as private advisory spaces with moving monitors for more personal interaction, together with digital signature pads and ID card readers within the advisory station design.

The design inspiration has been taken from the ‘Omani Skyline’, with white symbolising local architecture, brown to reflect the desert sands, grey for the mountains, and the blue glass overhangs for the sky.

The new branch also features a dedicated reception desk, Majlis, and RM offices for “Elite” customers to provide them with an exclusive, private and memorable banking experience. The objective is to bring together distinct designs and meet the Bank’s transformational goals, which revolves around enriching customer experience based on the high-level of offered services.

“As one of our main branches, the revamped branch in Al Khoud will be among the largest in the Sultanate. In this way, it will contribute to serving our growing customer base in the capital and will also reaffirm our commitment to our valued customers. We aim to provide them with effective and efficient banking solutions that will set new standards for retail banking. With the integration with our advanced digital banking channels, customers can choose their preferred method for conducting transactions, either online or by visiting the branch directly,” Rashad added.

OAB has a rich and proud history as one of the first financial institutions established in the Sultanate. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices with 152 ATMs spread across Oman. OAB provides a complete range of financial products and services for personal banking and corporate banking clients.