OAB Hosts Project Presentations for ‘LEAD 3’ Development Programme – Module 4

Muscat, July 09, 2017: Oman Arab Bank (OAB) has announced that 20 qualified candidates have now completed the fourth and final module of LEAD 3 (Leadership Enhancement and Development). The candidates concluded Module 4 with group presentations to the senior management from the Bank.

The LEAD 3 event was hosted at the Grand Millennium, under the auspices of Stephen Bennett, Founder and Chairman of Inspirational Development Group (IDG). It was overseen by Hani Zubair, Member of the Board of Directors of OAB, and devoted supporter of OAB initiatives that directly impact the development of young Omanis in the Sultanate, as well as Rashad Al Musafir, Chief Executive Officer of OAB. Also in attendance were several members of the Bank’s Executive Management.

Commenting on the LEAD programme, Rashad Al Musafir said, “At OAB, we believe that leadership is exemplified through a number of personal qualities, we aim to encourage these qualities throughout the LEAD module. A leader at OAB is someone who has the ability to influence their peers to accomplish both individual goals and those of the Bank. Communication skills, group processes, goal attainment, and motivation are all vital qualities for any leader. These qualities help drive innovation, improve organisational processes and individual work practices. Our LEAD programme has been specifically developed to identify and propel our Bank’s future leaders.”

Module 4 was initiated almost immediately following the completion of Module 3 just under three weeks ago. The 20 LEAD candidates were grouped into four teams where they worked on projects with the help and support of their mentors. They subsequently developed their project and presented it to the management on the day of the event for assessment and feedback.

The final component of the LEAD 3 programme will involve a second 360-degree assessment which is expected to be completed in late October. Shortly thereafter the 20 candidates will officially graduate from the programme and be fast-tracked to positions of greater responsibility within the Bank.

“The LEAD 3 programme has been progressing well with every candidate performing above our expectations. Their individual project presentations showcased just how much each candidate has grown personally and professionally in five short months. Each individual has proven that they now possess a clear cross functional perspective of the Bank and its operations, ensuring their effective career development within the Bank and industry for years to come,” said Adil Al Rahbi, Head of the Human Resources Division at OAB.

LEAD is a unique leadership development programme that aims to cultivate the talents of high potential Omanis with guidance from internationally renowned experts. The six-month programme has been designed to utilise best practices in order to empower participants with opportunity, managerial expertise, and high-level workplace solutions.

The ‘LEAD’ programme has been designed in cooperation with Inspirational Development Group (IDG) and is facilitated by a team from IDG, a globally renowned leadership and management performance consultancy. The company has channelled its long history of experience delivering high-quality and intensive work programmes to some of the most prestigious organisations in the world. Closely affiliated with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, IDG has worked with some of the most important public and private sector companies in the region from its Middle East office based in Muscat.

Oman Arab Bank has a rich and proud history as one of the first financial institutions to be established in the Sultanate. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices and 152 ATMs spread across Oman. OAB provides a complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate banking and investment clients.