OAB Continues to Foster Innovation and Digital Transformation by Participating in OEC 2019

Muscat, 18 September 2019: Oman Arab Bank (OAB) recently participated in the Oman E-Commerce Conference 2019 (OEC 2019). Drawing connections between Oman’s desire to move to the next level, and the bank’s desire to foster innovation, Rashad Al Musafir, the CEO of OAB, participated in the panel discussion.

Commenting on the Bank’s participating in the event, Rashad Al Musafir said, “As one of the leading financial institutions in the country, we are very keen to participate in events and forums that highlight trends and technologies that will drive digital transformation and growth within the financial sector. We also continue to explore new opportunities to expand our ecosystems beyond financial services, ultimately contributing towards Oman’s socioeconomic development and growth.”

Hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry from 16 to 17 September, and co-hosted by OMINVEST (Oman International Development and Investment Company SAOG), OEC 2019 was the largest digital event in the Middle East with its primary focus on taking ‘Everything Online’. The conference hosted a wide range of international experts and decision makers, speakers and workshops with special focus given to Digital Transformation, while also focusing on how to harness and identify the untapped potential to utilising e-commerce as a key pillar of business strategy.

A key component of the conference was a panel discussion covering several key topics such as the global impact of e-commerce, future trends, digital transformation, open banking and more. Rashad Al Musafir participated on the panel alongside several business leaders and industry experts from the region.

As part of its participation of the event, the Bank was present with a showcase stand, demonstrating its digital offering to attendees. OAB additionally highlighted the work it has been doing in bringing more traditional banking products into the future, for example, through bill-payment integration into its online and mobile banking platforms, digital charity donations, and the further rollout of contactless technology. The Bank also shared lessons learnt in the development of an enhanced branch-experience that is driven by a strong internal innovation culture.

Oman Arab Bank has a rich and proud history as one of the first financial institutions to be established in the Sultanate. Today, the Bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices with 152 ATMs spread across Oman. OAB provides a complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate banking and investment clients.