OAB Appoints New Acting Head of Retail Banking Division

Muscat, February 16, 2020: Oman Arab Bank (OAB) has appointed Rashad Al Shaikh as the new Acting Head of Retail Banking Division, as of January 16, 2020. This new initiative is in line with the Bank’s strategy to apply a qualitative strategic approach to Omanisation through a succession plan that aims to develop promising talents in various disciplines.

Commenting on the appointment, Rashad Al Musafir, the CEO of OAB said, “OAB is dedicated to supporting Omani employees by developing their skills and experiences with the aim of providing better career development through strategic plans that are in line with the various banking disciplines. This step is also in accordance with the strategic approach of developing local talents that aim to enhance OAB’s objectives of providing customers with the best possible experiences and services.”

Rashad Al Shaikh holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Central Florida University, Orlando, USA. With over 21 years of experience in banking, and serving a number of senior positions in Retail Banking before joining OAB in 2003. This brings advantages for both OAB and its customers, providing the Bank with experience and innovative ideas to further excel in their ongoing success.

Commenting on the promotion, Rashad stated, “I am delighted to be appointed this new role and I look forward to working with all departments and ensuring the continued success at OAB. I believe this will be best achieved through our various efforts to become an innovative, customer-centric bank.”

Adil Al Rahbi, Head of Human Resources Department, said, “The Human Resources Department at OAB is always keen to recognise individual local talents and support them in the realisation of their career objectives, alongside the provision of support and motivation. We believe that managing talent in an effective way is one of the most important strategic pillars of success. Through this approach, we strive to make Oman Arab Bank the ideal destination for anyone looking for a promising career journey.”

“The Bank’s management policy focuses on the principle of providing persistent and distinguished employees with the opportunity to advance in the career ladder. We conduct several programmes that are designed to prepare them for supervisory and administrative leadership positions,” Al Rahbi added.

This recent appointment is a result of the succession plans that are focused on by the Human Resources Department, which assesses the readiness of Omani staff to carry out greater and more diverse responsibilities through their enrollment in leadership programmes. The programmes are implemented by international experts and also focuses on the development of skills and practical knowledge. Apart from the succession plan, there are also specific strategies and other programmes that focus on providing all employees at all levels within the Bank with the opportunity to further enrich and develop their proficiency and skillsets, to further enhance their career prospects and become future leaders in the banking sector. Moreover, OAB’s talent management strategy aims to apply a qualitative strategic approach to Omanisation, while simultaneously maintaining a diverse and efficient workplace.

Oman Arab Bank has a rich and proud history as one of the first financial institutions to be established in the Sultanate. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices with 152 ATMs spread across Oman. OAB provides a complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate banking and investment clients.