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Head of Legal Contracts – Legal Department

Division: Legal & Recovery Division
Department: Legal Department
Section: Contracts Section
Position: Head of Contracts

Job Summary:

Responsible for reviewing and revising documents, providing advice and guidance in relation to matters related to legal documents in the Bank and ascertaining the practices and policies of the Bank.
Reviewing the laws, rules and regulations prevailing in the Sultanate of Oman and protecting the interests of the Bank from any potential loss.

Job Responsibilities:
– Drafting the contracts to be signed between the bank and the various suppliers, clients, and other parties.
– Editing credit documents of all kinds for all the Departments.
– Preparing legal warnings and notices in financial claims or disputes and disagreements that arise between the Bank and third parties.
– Reviewing all credit and contractual documents to be concluded between the Bank and any other parties from suppliers, customers and others.
– Providing verbal and written legal advice to the various Departments of the Bank.
– Assist in preparing memos, correspondences, communications, legal & judicial papers, and requests submitted to the courts, the Public Prosecution, the Royal Oman Police, bodies and committees with jurisdiction, the Central Bank, ministries and other government institutions in coordination with the Head of the Legal Department.
– Contribute to the development of various reports approved by the Legal Department.
– Responsible for providing timely and proper legal support on any matter relating to Omani laws as required by the Bank’s from time to time.

Minimum Experience & Qualification Required:
– Minimum 7 years of experience in the legal field, mainly in corporate law.
– Bachelor Degree in Law or relevant.
– Analytical and problem solving skills
– Negotiation skills.
– Effective Communication Skills.
– Proficiency in English – written and spoken.
– People management skills.
– Attention to detail.
– Strong leadership qualities.
– Excellent interpersonal skills.
– Excellent time management skills.

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