OAB Organises Health Day and Staff Blood Donation Drive

Muscat, April 18, 2018: As part of its commitment to community, Oman Arab Bank (OAB) recently organised an internal Health Day and Staff Blood Donation Drive, titled ‘Save a life, give blood’, at its head office in Ghubra. The event, which was held on April 16, was organised by the Social Committee of OAB in collaboration with the Ministry of Health. The drive was a grand success with a large number of OAB employees volunteering to donate blood.

Commenting on the Blood Donation Drive, Hilal O. Al Siyabi, Head of CSR at OAB said, “At OAB we believe that we have a responsibility towards the local community. Donating blood is amongst the simplest form of Corporate Social Responsibility, yet is amongst the most valuable ways of contributing to our community. This is primarily because of the ever-growing demand for all blood types and constantly need for stocks to be replenished. As a result, every little bit helps save lives. Through events like this we aim to raise awareness on this cause whilst also helping promote a healthy lifestyle amongst our staff.”

In addition to the Blood Donation Drive, the event was also intended to promote a healthy lifestyle. In order to do so, the Bank also partnered with a number of private clinics who participated in the vent to showcase their various offers and facilities. Healthy snacks and drinks were also served to all visiting staff at the event.

“Even today, despite drastic advances in medical sciences, blood cannot properly be artificially created. That’s why blood donations are amongst the most precious thing in the world. In fact donated blood saves millions of lives every year,” added Hilal. “As such, on behalf of OAB, I would like to thank each and every employee who donated blood on the day as well as the staff at the Ministry of Health and members of our Social Committee who helped in hosting such a successful event.”

OAB is engaged in various initiatives, such as this Blood donation drive, throughout the year; each of which is intended to enhance the social wellbeing of the community in which it operates. In line with its CSR objectives, a significant number of these initiatives and projects involve the direct support and participation of its employees, through invaluable work done by the Social Committee at OAB.

Oman Arab Bank is one of the first banks to be established in Oman, with a rich and proud history. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 57 branches and 8 representative offices across and over 150 ATMs spread across the Sultanate. OAB provides the complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate and investment clients.

Hassad Draw Nizwa

OAB Conducts Hasaad Savings Scheme March Draw in Nizwa

Muscat, April 16, 2018: Oman Arab Bank (OAB) recently conducted its first quarter Hasaad draw event, for the month of March, at its Nizwa branch. The draw saw 83 winners from across the Bank’s branch network receive OMR 1,000 each, together with one winner of OMR 50,000 as part of the Monthly Elite Draw.

The event was attended by members of staff and management from the Nizwa branch and the Bank’s VIP customers from the region.

Commenting on the draw for March, Rashad Al Sheikh, Deputy General Manager of Retail Banking at OAB said, “This month’s draw marks the first of our quarterly elite grand draws where we raise the prize values of our elite draw to OMR 50,000. Our monthly draws, together with our elite draws, will ensure we have a minimum of 84 winners every month as part of our Hasaad Savings Scheme throughout the year.”

Hasaad Savings Scheme in its current edition offers the Bank’s clients across all regions and branches a chance to win one of several valuable prizes on a monthly basis. These prizes come as part of the Bank’s monthly draws, alternating between OMR 1,000 and OMR 500 per winner every month, across all branches. Regional Prize Draws, which will see one winner of OMR 20,000, conducted once every two months over the course of the year. The Hasaad Savings Scheme will also include 12 dedicated prize draws for Elite account holders with one winner of OMR 50,000 every quarter and one winner of OMR 20,000 for every month in between.

“On behalf of OAB I would like to congratulate each of the 84 winners of the March Hasaad Savings Scheme draw, and especially for the winner of our first Quarterly Elite Grand Prize Draw. I would also like to encourage all our customers to continue savings to maximise their chances of winning in the next month’s draw,” added Rashad.

Oman Arab Bank is one of the first banks to be established in Oman, with a rich and proud history. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices and 148 ATMs spread across the Sultanate. OAB provides the complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate and investment clients.


OAB Featured as Case Study in Singapore Branch Transformation Conference

Muscat, April 11, 2018: Oman Arab Bank (OAB), one of the leading Banks in the country, has participated in the Branch Transformation Conference that took place recently in Singapore. The conference was focused on the ‘human-centred design and digital technologies for future branches’ and presented OAB’s ongoing bank transformation efforts as a case study. OAB was also the only bank from the Sultanate to attend the conference.

Commenting on their participation in the conference, Fahd Amjad, the GM of the Retail Banking Group at OAB said, “For any bank, its branches are its core channel of interaction with its customers. As a result it is usually the first point of contact between a prospective customer and a bank. It is therefore, of vital importance that anyone who walks through the doors of our branches is treated to the best possible banking experience in the country. In fact, our vision for this transformation strategy was to be the leading retail bank in Oman in terms of customer experience.”

The conference was held over the course of three days at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore and saw the attendance of over 150 of business leaders and directors of key divisions within various banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and telecommunication companies from across the Asia-Pacific Region. Attending the event on behalf of OAB and participating as one of 14 speakers at the conference was Ibrahim Gailani, Head of Branch Transformation at OAB.

The event was primarily focused on four key topics – ‘increasing customer footprint through a human-centred design’, ‘transforming the traditional branch to serve complex financial needs and provide a personalised experience’, ‘automating branch processes through self-service and smart ATMs’, and ‘developing digital capabilities for a seamless omni-channel experience’. The conference also included two in-depth workshops, six interactive roundtable discussions, and ten case studies; of which OAB was one.

“It was an honour for us to be treated as a case study as such a prestigious conference. It provided an opportunity for us to share our experience and success story with business leaders from across the region. In fact, the success of our strategy coupled with the positive feedback we have consistently received from customers, has gotten us selected by several international conference bodies to be showcased as a “example of excellence” at expos across Europe and Asia throughout 2018,” added Fahd Amjad.

Over the course of the past three years OAB has been going through a dramatic transformative journey, shifting its focus from more traditional corporate business towards a truly modern retail-oriented bank; one that utilises an advanced digital banking platform to compete at the highest level and become a leading bank in the sector.

The journey has so far been a tremendous success for the Bank thanks in large part to the ongoing branch transformations that see its existing branches being updated to feature an enhanced brand identity with a refreshed look and feel. This sleek, modern, and streamlined look is augmented by a number of advanced features and systems. These include a new digital meet and greet facility with a streamlined queuing system, private advisory spaces with moving monitors for more personal interaction, together with digital signature pads and ID card readers within the advisory station design. All flagship branches also feature a separate ‘Elite’ reception, lounge, and offices, in order to provide premium customers with an elegant and private experience that remains memorable. The branch transformation combines elements of design, form, and function and aims to elevate the customer experience as a whole resulting in better service. Last year alone we managed to complete six branch transformations and we have eight more planned for this year; one of which has already been launched.

Oman Arab Bank is one of the first banks to be established in Oman, with a rich and proud history. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices across and 148 ATMs spread across the Sultanate. OAB provides the complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate and investment clients.



Muscat, April 10, 2018 – Oman Arab Bank (OAB) recently held the Socialisation Workshop as part of its ongoing Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) program for its ‘high potential staff’. Organised at the specially designed Training Centre at the Bank’s headquarters in Al Ghubra, the workshop offered LEAD delegates with the opportunity to gain invaluable career insights from members of the Bank’s LEAD Mentoring Group (LMG).

Commenting on the workshop, Adil Al Rahbi, Head of the Human Resources Division said, “The aim of our LEAD program is to provide staff who have showcased great potential with an effective avenue for further professional growth within the Bank. We achieve this by providing them with the necessary tools to strengthen their skillsets through specially designed training programmes. This workshop was one of many designed to spearhead the advancement of this team; with the socialisation workshop in particular enabling them to learn directly from members of the LMG.”


The Lead Mentoring Group (LMG) represents 15 of the Bank’s senior management team and various heads of groups, divisions, and departments. Formed to provide maximum support and guidance, the group also identifies potential talents in the various banking and finance fields and mentors them to reach their true potential in the industry.


The socialisation workshop was aimed at providing feedback to each of the 20 LEAD candidates with feedback on their progress through LEAD 2 so far, while also touching upon key elements for the upcoming modules ‘3’ and ‘4’, including alternate project titles.


“Right from our inception, we have worked towards enriching the learning experience of our employees by constantly developing their proficiency and key skills within the industry, as well as providing them with the necessary training to grow within the bank and take on positions of greater responsibility. The LEAD program was one such initiative aimed at developing the future leaders of the Bank,” added Adil.

LEAD is a unique and specialised leadership development program that aims to cultivate the talents of high potential Omanis with guidance from internationally renowned experts. The six-month programme has been designed to utilise best practices in order to empower participants with opportunity, managerial expertise, and high-level workplace solutions.

The ‘LEAD’ programme has been designed in cooperation with Inspirational Development Group (IDG) and is facilitated by a team from IDG, a globally renowned leadership and management performance consultancy. The company has channelled its long history of experience delivering high-quality and intensive work programmes to some of the most prestigious organisations in the world. Closely affiliated with the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, IDG has worked with some of the most important public and private sector companies in the region from its Middle East office based in Muscat.

Oman Arab Bank is one of the first banks to be established in Oman, with a rich and proud history. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices and 148 ATMs spread across the Sultanate. OAB provides the complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate and investment clients.



Muscat, March 9th 2016 – Oman Arab Bank (OAB) announced its audited financial results for the year ended 31st December 2015. The Bank posted a net profit of RO 29.01 million for the year 2015 compared to RO 28.40 million reported in 2014. The Bank registered strong income and balance sheet growth in 2015 while strategic investments were made to upgrade the Bank’s infrastructure and build sustainable business momentum.

Net interest income rose by 12% for the year ended 2015 to reach RO 49.13 million while non-interest income stood at RO 30.62 million, a 9% rise compared to the previous year. The increase in top line income was largely due to a robust growth in balance sheet during the year. OAB’s net loans and advances increased by 21% to reach RO 1.52 Billion while customer deposits also rose by 9 % to reach RO 1.60 Billion as of 31st December 2015. Operating expenses for the year ended 31st December 2015 were higher at RO 43.523 million compared to RO 37.416 million for the same period in 2014. The capital adequacy ratio of the Bank is 14.28% as at 31st December 2015, which is well above the regulatory requirement of 12.625%.

The Bank’s Shari’a compliant window, Al Yusr, also showed positive growth with the Bank’s Islamic financing receivables more than doubling to RO 49.9 million as of 31st December 2015 compared to RO 20.83 million as of 31st December 2014. Customer deposits in the Islamic Banking segment also increased significantly to RO 49.39 million as of 31st December 2015 compared to RO 12.49 million in the same period of the previous year. Al Yusr has expanded to a nationwide footprint of seven branches located at Muscat, Al Buraimi, Sohar, Ibra, Nizwa and Salalah.

“Our 2015 financial performance demonstrates Oman Arab Bank’s underlying ability to continue growth while managing risks in challenging conditions within the region,” said Amin Al Husseini, Chief Executive Officer, Oman Arab Bank. “In 2015, we have commenced a transformational journey to enhance customer experience through our delivery channels including brick and mortar branches. We are investing in our franchise, to build on our already strong heritage of trust”.

He added, “Oman Arab Bank has consistently delivered business growth over three decades which has advanced us into a reliable, trusted and accomplished institution that adds value to customers, employees, shareholders and the wider community.”

OAB was established in 1984 following the acquisition of Arab Bank’s branches in the Sultanate. For over 30 years, Oman Arab Bank (OAB) has been an active contributor to the Sultanate’s ongoing growth and development by offering customers and organizations of all sizes innovative solutions complemented by in-depth local and international expertise. Today, OAB provides a comprehensive suite of products and services in Retail banking, Corporate and Project Finance, Investment Banking, Trade Finance and most recently, Islamic Banking. The Bank has provided financing for setting up major projects in Oman that have a wider economic impact including power generation, water desalination, aviation and infrastructure to name but a few.

Currently, the Bank operates more than 65 branches and offices, and more than 123 Automatic Teller Machines and Cash Deposit Machines in high footfall locations across the Sultanate that are supported by Arab Bank’s 600 branches spanning five continents. The Bank’s principal shareholders are Oman International Development and Investment Company SAOG (51%) and Arab Bank PLC (49%).




Muscat, May 2016 – Aiming to equip its employees with the tools and skillsets for success, Oman Arab Bank (OAB) recently delivered a series of Leadership, Sales and Customers Service workshops to more than 90 of its staff members. Starting in February and administered in partnership with leading international human resources consultancy Phi Management Group, four tailored workshops were conducted for the Loan officers and Customer Service staff, while Branch Managers from various divisions participated in two exclusive sessions designed specifically for people in leadership roles.

“Oman Arab Bank is committed to providing innovative products and solutions that enrich its customers’ banking experience across all customer’s touch points,” said, Fahd Amjad, General Manager Retail Banking at Oman Arab Bank. “We believe that this can only be achieved through constantly enhancing our employees’ capabilities and skills and this is exactly what our integrated training approach endeavors to accomplish.”

Ali Moosa Abdul Redha, Head of Human Resources at Oman Arab Bank, added, “From the onset, Oman Arab Bank has had the training and development of Omani talent at the forefront of its priorities. We strongly believe in the positive effect these creatively conceptualized workshops have, not only on our staff, their performance and career progression, but also on the Sultanate’s prosperity and economic growth.”

The recently held workshops were conducted as part of Oman Arab Bank’s human resource development plan, launched last year under the theme ‘Effective Leadership in Banking’ and tailored to the Retail Banking department. The Bank plans on organizing various training programs in the near future to further enhance the capabilities of its management and leadership teams.



Muscat, March 2016 – As part of its strategy to support the government’s Omanisation efforts, Oman Arab Bank (OAB) participated in the recently organized Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) Career & Training Opportunities Fair 2016, held under the auspices of His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al Harrasi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Radio and Television. OAB’s participation, represented by its Human Resources Division, emphasizes the Bank’s dedication to systematically recruit, develop and nurture Omani talent across all functions, departments and branches. The Bank’s Omanization strategy is not about employment only, but also includes various training and development programs that aim to equip recruits with the tools and skillsets for success to take up future leadership roles within the Bank. Oman Arab Bank currently boasts a 94% Omanization rate.

This year, OAB’s participation was marked by allocating a special corner of the pavilion for receiving applications of specific jobs in addition to distributing flyers that outline the Bank’s recruitment and training policies as well as guidelines to apply for available openings. The pavilion also included a visual presentation showcasing OAB’s many achievements since inception.

Commenting on this participation, Adil bin Ali Al Rahbi, [Head of Employee & Organizational Development/], said, “”OAB’s annual participation in this event reflects the Bank’s commitment to recruiting, developing and retaining Omani talent from various disciplines. It also presents a great opportunity for students and graduates to discover the various training and development programs available for different specialties.”

Al Rahbi added, “We are committed towards a strategic Omanization by attracting Omanis and honing their capabilities through specialized scholarship opportunities, digital and on-the-job training courses, professional certification programs as well as leadership training for future senior roles at OAB.”.

Every year, the Bank welcomes a number of students and graduates to the OAB Family from across the Sultanate’s colleges and universities. The Bank also offers its existing employees training and development in addition to scholarships with the College of Banking and Financial Studies to learn about the industry’s latest trends and ensure their full capability to deliver a second to none banking experience. As part of its internal initiatives, the Bank also recently launched “Mukafaati”, an incentive program that revolves around rewarding staff for their achievements and aims to create a positive working environment and promote teamwork and constructive communication between management and the employee.



uscat, March 15th 2016: Oman Arab Bank (OAB) announced the Hassad Savings Scheme winners for the month of February. Initiated by the Bank to inspire a culture of saving in the Sultanate, the 2016 Hassad scheme rewarded 11 lucky account holders with more than OMR 50,000 in cash prizes with one regional winner, Mohammed Al Balushi, walking away with 40,000 OMR. Held at the Bank’s Head Office, the monthly draw awarded five customers in the child account category with OMR 1,000 each and five in the female only category with OMR 1,500 each.

Fahd Amjad, General Manager Retail Banking at Oman Arab Bank said, “I would like to congratulate February 2016 lucky customers for winning lucrative cash prizes by saving for their future. We have worked tirelessly to enhance the banking experience and add value to the lives of the OAB family and Hassad Savings Scheme is part and parcel of those efforts. Our loyal customers from all ages and from across the country can now save more with this exciting product and stand a chance to win big.”

Unveiled in January to encourage personal savings, the revamped Hassad Savings Scheme offers customers from every segment a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win. As part of the draw, one regional, five female, and five children are chosen randomly every month to receive prizes ranging from OMR 1,000 to 40,000. The savings scheme will end the year with a mega draw of OMR 50,000 for two winners. Elite Priority Banking customers have not been forgotten and are eligible to win cash prizes valued at OMR 100,000 in June and December. Additionally, the draw will also reward customers on special occasions such as Eid Al Fitr, Oman Women’s Day, and National Day with a total of OMR 58,000 up for grabs.

OAB has consistently expanded its reach as well as its products and services offering to provide customers in the country with a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions in Retail banking, Corporate and Project Finance, Investment banking, Trade Finance and most recently, Islamic Banking. Today, the Bank operates more than 65 branches and more than 123 ATMS and CDMs in high footfall locations across the Sultanate.



Muscat, March 23rd 2016 – As part of its steadfast commitment to protecting the environment, Oman Arab Bank (OAB) recently turned off all non-essential lighting at its Head Office in Ghubra to mark Earth Hour 2016. In addition, the Bank also encouraged all its employees across its nation-wide footprint to do their part and help save the environment for the Hour.

OAB’s Head Office is essentially an environmentally friendly building. It is fully equipped with auto sensors throughout all offices and corridors, which means that lights are only used when necessary and a considerable amount of power is saved on a regular basis.

Mutassim bin Hamoud Al Zadjali, Head of Corporate Communications at Oman Arab Bank,  commented, “We believe that safeguarding our eco-system and limited natural resources is the responsibility of each and every single person living on this planet. Oman Arab Bank has been observing Earth Hour for many years now and has successfully and proudly adopted a wealth of measures that aim to enhance energy efficiency, minimize waste, and of course, protect our precious planet.”

OAB has always encouraged its staff to conserve when possible and strongly advocates a paperless working environment. The Bank has also introduced a number of technology driven initiatives that aim to protect the environment while interacting with its customers including e-statements and SMS notifications among others.



Muscat, 27th March 2016 – Oman Arab Bank (OAB) signed a partnership agreement with Barr Al Jissah, one of Oman’s leading Integrated Tourism Complexes, to provide homeowners with the Bank’s Elite Priority Banking products and services. Under the agreement, property holders at Barr Al Jissah will have access to a host of specialized solutions tailored to meet their needs including unlimited complimentary lounge access to over 500 international airports, preferential service in all branches, access to the recently inaugurated Elite Centre and 24 hour call centre support.

Launched in December, OAB’s Elite Priority Banking Service was established to provide high net worth individuals with a new world of premium banking. Centred on three pillars, Elite Services, Elite Benefits and Elite Wealth Management, the premium offering delivers unique advantages to customers including dedicated relationship managers, financial planning and investment services as well as personal concierge facilities among others. Elite customers also stand a chance to win lucrative cash prizes as part of the Bank’s Hassad Savings Scheme, which includes a whopping OMR 100,000 prize in both June and December earmarked exclusively for Elite customers.

Fahd Amjad, GM Retail Banking at Oman Arab Bank, said, “Our agreement with Barr Al Jissah underlines our strong commitment to provide Oman’s thriving real estate investors sector with best-in-class banking services and solutions. OAB’s Elite Priority Banking proposition is perfectly suited to the needs of our new partner, matching Barr Al Jissah’s luxury homes with a second to none premium banking proposition. Homeowners will now have the right tools to maximize their investments, insights from our experts, and a personalized relationship with OAB that will redefine customer experience.”

Since its inception, OAB has consistently expanded its reach to meet customers’ various requirements in the best way possible. Today, the Bank has a comprehensive online footprint that is supported by over 65 strategically located branches and 23 ATMs and CDMs.