Oman Arab Bank Meets Job Seekers in Musandam

Muscat, June 27, 2018: As part of its efforts to enable young Omanis to start their careers in the banking sector, Oman Arab Bank (OAB), in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower, recently organised a series of job interviews for locals in Musandam; a select few of which will soon join the Bank’s team in the governorate.

Adil Al Rahbi, Head of Human Resources Division, commented on the reasons of conducting such interviews in the Governorate of Musandam saying, “Usually job seekers travel from their residences in the Wilayats to attend job interviews at a corporates’ headquarters in Muscat, with considerable effort and costs involved; while others who cannot afford to travel and stay in the capital, show reluctance in attending such interviews. Therefore, we at Oman Arab Bank launched this initiative to conduct job interviews, evaluations, and appointments directly within Musandam for vacant positions at the Bank’s branches in the Governorate. This has allowed a greater number of job seekers in the area to apply for available positions; providing them with an invaluable opportunity to join one of the finest financial institution in the Sultanate.”

The interview team consisted of the Human Resources and Retail Banking Divisions, who conducted several job interviews in the Musandam Governorate over a period of two days. A number of candidates were subsequently selected to fill retail banking vacancies within the Governorate.

Al Rahbi added, “OAB’s initiative has been very well received by job seekers in the area. We were impressed with the skills, knowledge, and capabilities showcased by the candidates who applied for the available positions and are confident those selected will be a quality addition to the OAB team in Musandam. We are honoured to welcome them into the OAB family, which today stands at over 1,160 employees strong. We would like also to extend our thanks and appreciation to the employees in the Ministry of Manpower, who supported our team in communicating and scheduling interviews with the job seekers. Their assistance has been invaluable in facilitating our mission and achieving our goals.”

Oman Arab Bank is one of the leading Banks in the Sultanate with regards to Omanisation, achieving a percentage over 96% in terms of citizens employed within the Bank across all levels. The Bank’s ‘LEAD’ program is an extension of the banks efforts towards supporting its Omanisation objectives. LEAD is firmly centred on developing capabilities and capacities for the Omani staff, preparing them for assuming greater leadership positions within the Bank.

Oman Arab Bank is one of the first banks to be established in Oman, with a rich and proud history. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices and 148 ATMs spread across the Sultanate. OAB provides the complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate and investment clients.