OAB Opens New Flagship Branch in Ibri

OAB Opens New Flagship Branch in Ibri

Muscat, December 30, 2019: In line with its transformation strategy for branches across regions in the Sultanate, Oman Arab Bank (OAB) announced the recent opening of its new flagship branch in Ibri. The customer-centric branch hosts facilities aimed at delivering enhanced bank services with the highest levels of accessibility to customers in Ibri.

The opening took place on December 25, under the patronage of HE Dr Hamad Hamdan Al Rubaiy, Shura representative in the Wilayat of Ibri, and overseen by Rashad Al Musafir, CEO of OAB, alongside the presence of other senior members of the Bank’s management and staff.

Commenting on the launch of the new branch, Rashad Al Sheikh Deputy Head of Group Retail said, “Ibri is one of the rapidly developing residential areas in A’Dhahirah Governorate, comprising of a large number of our customer base. The newly transformed branch will be a welcome addition to cater to their modern banking needs. Together with the branch’s spacious layout and distinct contemporary design, OAB will be able to further enhance customer experience through the provision of personalised levels of service.”

Similar to the previous revamped branches, the new Ibra Branch features OAB’s enhanced brand identity with a refreshed look and feel. Aesthetically, its design inspiration has been taken from the ‘Omani Skyline’, wherein the white symbolises Omani architecture, browns denote the sand deserts, grey referencing the mountains, and the blue glass overhangs representing the sky.

The sleek, modern, and streamlined look is augmented by a number of features and systems. These include a new meet and greet facility with a streamlined queuing system, private advisory spaces with moving monitors for more personal interaction, together with digital signature pads and ID card readers within the advisory station design. The main area has two tellers and six customer care advisories with a seating capacity for 35 customers.

As with each of the other flagship branches launched so far, this new branch also features a dedicated ‘Elite’ section with its own Majlis. These features will provide the bank’s VIP customers with an exclusive, private, and memorable banking experience befitting the Bank’s Elite Banking Customers.

“As our most recently transformed flagship branch, the Ibri division is a combination of the latest technological advances we have to offer together with distinct branch philosophies. In this way, we can continue raising the bar in enriching customer experience,” Al Sheikh added.

Oman Arab Bank has a rich and proud history as one of the first financial institutions to be established in the Sultanate. Today, the bank operates a nationwide network of 65 branches and representative offices with 152 ATMs spread across Oman. OAB provides a complete range of financial products and services for personal banking, corporate banking and investment clients.