Consumer Loans

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Al Dar Housing Loan

Al Dar Housing Loan provides flexible solutions for multi-purpose financing needs.

  • Financing available for purchase of ready and under construction properties, land, renovation and self-construction
  • Loan tenure of up to 25 years
  • Down payment as low as 10%
  • Clubbing of income allowed
  • Repayment holiday up to 18 months for the duration of the construction period
  • Financing available for iTC projects for expatriates.

Car Loan

Dreaming of a new car? Or need to upgrade your vehicle?
Make it possible with a car loan from Oman Arab Bank.

OAB’s New Auto Loan Ramadhan Campaign (Instant Auto Loan through OAB Mobile App)

Enjoy a stress-free start with no payments for the first three months on your new or used car. Additionally, stretch your payments with extended financing terms lasting up to 10 years. OAB customers can drive with peace of mind, thanks to complimentary vehicle insurance (subject to qualification) alongside many other benefits.

Be among the first 50 customers and receive exclusive rewards.

Company Grades  Rates p.a.
12-24 months 25-36 months 37+ months
(G, S, A & B)   3.90% 4.25% 4.75%
Grade (C)  4.25% 4.75% 5%
Retired Customer  4.50% 4.75% 5%

Apply for an auto loan with just one click through our OAB mobile app or visit your nearest Oman Arab Bank branch.

Stop dreaming. Start Driving.

T&C’s Apply

Markabati Auto Loan

With OAB Markabati buying the car of your dreams could not be easier and more convenient! With Oman Arab Bank’s Markabati Auto Loan you will be in the driver’s seat faster than you can imagine.

  • Financing available for new and used pre-owned vehicles
  • Loan tenure up to 10 years
  • Down payment as low as 20%
  • Market beating interest rate.
  • Quick and hassle free loan processing

Personal Loan

With OAB Personal loan you will never be short of cash. Whether you are planning a luxurious wedding or a dream destination holiday, OAB personal loan will make it happen.

Offering the lowest interest rate across the nation starting from 3.75% per annum, you can finance a new or pre-owned car today.

With Ramadan on the horizon, you can now rev your engines rather than budgets thanks to the bank’s new attractive car loan package. Offering the most competitive and affordable prices on some of the most desirable cars, the package – the first of its kind for the bank – features the best interest rates in the market, starting from 3.75% per annum for two years.

In another first, financing is available for up to 10 years, for both new and pre-owned cars. OAB has also secured special agreements with car dealerships in the Sultanate for discounted rates on their best-selling cars, with a simple, transparent and easy-to-understand process; follow our social media pages for more information. 

Employer Group Salary Transfer to OAB Interest Rate Applied Based on Loan Tenure
12-24 months 25-36 months 37+ months
G, S, A and B Yes 3.75% 4.00% 4.25%
C Yes 4.00% 4.25% 4.50%
Pensioners Yes 4.00% 4.25% 4.50%

In addition, you can enjoy the following exciting benefits:

  • • Finance up to 10 years (highest in the market)
  • • Possibility to finance preowned and new cars
  • • 3 months waiver for the first 3 months.
  • • Credit Card fees waived for the first year for new customers
  • • You can also keep cool with the summer months approaching by availing a 65% discount on window tinting and 35% off other services from Car Lab.

It’s a quick and hassle-free process. Visit your nearest OAB branch today to apply.

Stop dreaming. Start Driving.

This offer is valid until 31 May 2023.

Limited-Time Loan Offers

Oman Arab bank enables you to apply for various loans (short-term and long-term) to help you fulfil your financial needs starting from 3.75 % per annum*

  Salary (OMR) Rates per annum


Loan Type Loan Tenure


Company / Sector Nationality
1 Starting from OMR 400 3.75% Short-term Personal Loan 12 months Government entities, Semi-Government, and  companies registered with Oman Arab Bank Omani and Expat
2 Starting from OMR 400 3.99% Short-term Personal Loan 24 months Government entities, Semi-Government, and  companies registered with Oman Arab Bank Omani and Expat
3 Starting from OMR 400 4.25% Short-term Personal Loan 36 months Government entities, Semi-Government, and  companies registered with Oman Arab Bank Omani and Expat
4 Starting from OMR 1,000 4.5% Personal and Housing Loan Buyout +

Credit Card joining and annual fees waived for 2 years

Up to 120 months Government, Semi-Government and Grade A (including new hires) Omani and Expat
5 Starting from OMR 1,000 4.7% New Personal Loan Up to 120 months Government entities, Semi-Government, and  companies registered with Oman Arab Bank Omani and Expat
6 Starting from OMR 1,000 4.7% New Housing Loan Up to 300 months Government entities, Semi-Government, and  companies registered with Oman Arab Bank Omani and Expat

Apply now to enjoy this limited-time offer

*Terms and conditions

  • All other Terms and Conditions will be applicable as per the bank’s policies
  • The short-term personal loan and personal loan buyout offers are valid until the 30 of April, 2022.
  • The Bank reserves the right to close/amend the terms of this campaign at its own discretion