Transfer your salary and get up to OMR 200

For a limited time, customers who transfer their salary to their new Oman Arab Bank account will earn up to OMR 200 cash back and a free credit card.

• Accounts need to be opened digitally via the OAB Online Banking app to qualify for the cashback.
• Once the salary is transferred,  the customer will receive OAB reward points that amount to:
o OMR 150 for salaries above OMR 3,500
o OMR 100 for salaries ranging between OMR 1,000 – OMR 3,500
o OMR 50 for salaries ranging between OMR 500 – OMR 1,000
• These Reward Points can be redeemed at any partner merchants, or the customer can request to have the points converted into cash directly into the account via the OAB Online banking app.
• The customer will also receive a free Credit Card for the first year and guaranteed cash up to OMR 50 on the card.

This offer is valid until the 31st of December 2022.

Terms and conditions apply

For more information, please contact the FIL Khidma Call Centre on 24754444.