OAB Financial Relief Scheme – Loans Deferment Facility

Please know that you have our support during these exceptional times. OAB is now accepting deferment of personal, housing and auto loan installment applications for up to 3 months, starting from May 2020 onwards.

Customers who have been affected financially due to COVID-19 pandemic with either reduction of salary or additional income are eligible to apply. Please check your category below and submit the required documents along with the form.

Simply visit your nearest branch to submit the application and required documents. Requests will also be accepted via mobile and internet banking soon.

          In case of reduced salary, please provide a letter from your employer stating the new reduced salary, effective date and the duration

          In case of delay in your salary, please provide a letter from your employer confirming the delay, the duration and the effective date

          For customers that have been effected by a reduction in their additional income (other than salary) needs to provide evidence of such drop in the additional income.


All applications received will be reviewed as per the criteria mentioned above and will be processed within 5 working days.

Your request of the deferment will be considered as acceptance of the Bank’s Terms & Conditions. For more information, please contact 24754444.