CEO Message – Covid 19

Our Valued Customers

In light of the current situation, the world, alongside the Sultanate, is facing one of the most challenging events in modern history. The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has upset the scales of balance, resulting in the reevaluation of priorities across the globe. Everyone is striving to limit the spread of the virus and mitigate its impact, both socially and economically. Here at Oman Arab Bank, we have taken various steps during these unprecedented times that we would like to bring to your attention.

Within Oman Arab Bank

Our Human Resources Division has launched a prevention platform (Wiqaya) to follow up on personnel affairs, activate a social distancing protocol, provide employees with the latest information from credible sources, as well as maintain the highest health and safety standards at all branches. All meetings, gatherings, training courses and other events that require direct employee participation have been suspended.

The Business Continuity Plan has been activated, which reduces the number of employees at headquarters and at all branches to the minimum. The remaining employees have begun to work from home, utilizing the bank’s advanced digital network. Measures have also been taken to ensure that less customers are entering any of the bank’s branches at any given time, with strict monitoring of health procedures and social distancing in place.

On CSR level

Oman Arab Bank has allocated a special account for donations to the Ministry of Health (MOH): 3160-500500-500. This allows all employees, clients and members of society to donate directly through the OAB application, website and ATM and CDM network. Oman Arab Bank has also donated OMR 500,000 to the MOH account as contribution towards the health sector in its combat against this global pandemic.

At an operational level

Our omni-channel platform, comprising of all the bank’s digital services, has been activated to facilitate customer transactions around the clock. Everyone can benefit from our online banking and mobile banking services, including the OAB application. The ‘Fil Khidma’ call center continues to receive customer inquiries 24/7 and can be contacted on 2475 4444.

Valued customers can take advantage of the following channels to complete their transactions:

Retail Banking:

  • Instant updates to accounts and balances for personal accounts in Oman Arab Bank
  1. Savings accounts
  2. Current accounts
  3. Credit cards
  4. Loan accounts
  5. Deposits
  • Quick and easy money transfers to local and international bank accounts
  • A comprehensive transaction overview and history for accounts and cards
  • Verify transactions and receiving notifications via text message
  • Download the statement of accounts and credit cards

Services that can be requested through OAB Online:

  1. Balance and transaction enquiries
  2. Local transfers
  3. International transfers
  4. Mobile payments
  5. Credit card payments
  6. Cheque book request
  7. Loan request
  8. Opening a new account
  9. Opening a fixed deposit account

Branch services will be limited to:

  1. Withdrawals and cash deposits
  2. Deposit of clearing cheques
  3. Opening new accounts
  4. Updating personal data
  5. Request a cheque book
  6. Bank guarantees
  7. Loans
  8. Money transfers
  9. Bank card services

On behalf of Oman Arab Bank, we wish you all the best of health and well-being. Please use our electronic banking channels to avoid leaving your home, except in extreme emergencies. We are confident that together we will overcome this great challenge, and that Oman will continue its renewed renaissance with all your support, under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq – may the Almighty protect and preserve him -.