Terms & Conditions 
(Period: 29th, 30th September & 1st October 2022)

1. All OAB Credit Cards used at all LULU Hypermarkets within the Sultanate (27 stores), will be getting instant Discount of 20% on Groceries (Food items only) during the 3 weekend days, as above.
2. All such discounts will have a maximum per transaction ceiling value of OMR 20. i.e., the applicable discount will be 20% of the card spend for Food Groceries or OMR 20 whichever is lower.
3. Such discounts will be applicable at the transaction level and no limits for the number of transactions for which the discounts applicable.
4. The discounts will be applicable only on Food items under the classification of Groceries as defined by Lulu Hyper market within their billing system.
5. The Bank will not be liable for any errors/omissions in classifying the grocery item as ‘food’ by the promotion partner – Lulu Hyper market.
6. The discount will be applicable to all in-store, face-to-face purchases as well as online purchases through Lulu digital space however applicable only to groceries – food stuff
7. All such discounts will be automatically calculated and adjusted within the customer invoice before completing the payment at the merchant counter/online store
8. Promotion days and times are expected to be the 24 Hour Oman Standard time/calendar. However, the same as defined in the Lulu Hyper Market Billing System will prevail as applicable, in case there are changes in comparison to the Oman standard time.
9. The Bank reserves the right to announce or withdraw such promotions either with Lulu Hypermarkets or any other partners through formal announcements through the Bank’s web site, any time at its sole discretion.
10. The Bank may announce such promotions through various channels periodically.
11. The Bank will not be a party to any disputes between the cardholder and the promotion partner who may have different policies and trade practices that may be applicable in resolving such disputes. Bank will not be held responsible for any shortcomings of customer expectations in this respect.