Terms & Conditions 

(Period: 1st October to 31st December 2022)

  1. 1. OAB Cards Campaign will be run between 1st October 2022 to 31st December 2022, for a period of 3 monthly only. No further extensions will be made under any circumstances.
  2. 2. All Primary Cards issued during the above period will be eligible for qualifying a Cash Back Credit Value as per the product type listed in the table below:
OAB Visa Product Cash Back Value (One time)
Visa Infinite Card OMR 50
Visa Platinum Card OMR 40
Visa Gold Card OMR 30
Visa Classic Card OMR 20
  1. 3. To qualify for the Cash Back Credit to the Card, the below conditions must be met, within the promotion period as above (ends on 31st December 2022) 
    1. a. The Card should be a Primary Card and must be issued during the above Campaign Period
    2. b. Each customer will be eligible for only one Primary Card.
    3. c. No supplementary cards will be eligible for the Cash Back.
    4. d. Cash Bank credit will be made only one time.
    5. e. Cash back credit will be made on or before the below dates:
      1. i. 7th November 2022 (For cards issued in October 2022)
      2. ii. 7th December 2022 (For cards issued in November 2022)
      3. iii. 7th January 2023 (For Cards issued in December 2022)
    1. f. Bank reserve the right to delay the Cash Back credit dates in case it requires any confirmations/supporting documentation from the part of the customer/3rd parties.
    2. g. Any Card Cancellations within the first year of Issuance will resulted in reversing the Cash Back Value Credited to the customer adding to the total outstanding balance due to the Bank along with all other applicable fees/charges accrued thereof
    3. h. Customer needs to Collect the Card & PIN and activate the same for usage.
    4. i. One successful card transaction must be completed and billed to the Card before 5th January 2023 to qualify for Cash Back
    5. j. Cash Back value will be credited only upon completing all the above conditions and in case the Card usage is not evident through transaction debits to the card on or before 5th January, the customer will not be eligible for the cash back credit.
    6. k. Cash Back value can be used by the customer to settle his card dues or for further card purchases and cash withdrawals. However, Cash withdrawals will attract the applicable transaction charges such as cash advance Fee.
    7. 4. Any new credit card issued during the Campaign period subsequent to cancellation of an existing card will be non-eligible for Cash back and will be totally excluded for any Cash Back payments 
    8. 5. Card Subscription Fee for all above credit card products issued during the Cards Campaign period will be waived off. (One time)
    9. 6. Bank will be announcing usage discounts and promotions for all cards (including the existing cards) at select merchant outlets and also for select periods, at its sole discretion.
    10. 7. Bank may also offer 0% Easy Instalment Plans time-to-time at select merchant locations for select periods for qualifying transactions, at its sole discretion.
    11. 8. The Terms & Conditions for all such discounts, promotions and Easy Payment Plans may vary from merchant to merchant or from period to period and Bank reserve the rights to change such T&Cs as required time-to-time, at its sole discretion.
    12. 9. Bank may also offer Reward Points and its Redemption at prescribed rates and values, time-to-time which may also subject to changes periodically, at the sole discretion of the Bank.
    13. 10. All other T&Cs for issuance, usage and closure of the respective Card product will also be applicable to all the cards issued under the Cards Campaign 2022
    14. 11. Customers may refer the Bank’s web site or Contact the Branch/Call Centre for availing such updated T&Cs which will also be advised to the customers (when amendments made) as required by Local Regulations.