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Head of Corporate Communications

Department: CEO Office
Position: Head of Corporate Communications

Job Summary:
– As part of the management of the Bank, being responsible for leading the Bank level Corporate Communications Department and oversee the development and execution of Bank’s corporate
communication and sustainability objectives.

– To deliver the Bank’s strategic messages, create and preserve a strong brand perception of the Bank for all its stakeholders internally or externally through various channels of

– To develop and implement a Sustainable Development Program for the Bank aiming at generating long term stakeholder value while balancing with the current business needs of the

Job Responsibilities:
– Develop an Annual Communication strategy in line with the key objectives of the Bank and deliver on corporate communication, Internal Branding and public relations goals to strengthen
position of the Bank locally and globally.
– To deliver the Bank’s strategic messages, create and preserve a strong brand perception of the Bank for all its stakeholders.
– Create and develop unique and differentiated communication content linked to the Bank’s values to continuously engage with target audience.
– Ensure all internal & external communications (traditional or digital) or product campaigns are compliant to the brand guidelines of the Bank.
– Ensure support to the CEO Office product teams with logistics, event management or content for any key events and product campaigns
– Supervise, review and monitor digital communication content being produced and released in social media channels and websites of the Bank by the integrated media and communication
agencies or employees
– Design and review the Annual Reports of the Bank for its content quality, layout and adherence to brand guidelines
– Develop the Corporate Social Responsibility annual report for the Bank
– Develop the Corporate Social Responsibility budget, approve and monitor spend in line with the Bank’s sustainability program objectives for better ROI and impact
– Conduct monthly strategic review with departments to understand any emerging requirements to be included
– Review and monitor team’s delivery and performance on communication calendar on a weekly basis
– Coach, develop and provide direction to the internal communication team on ideation and conceptualisation of communication programs.
– Engage and partner with CBO on specific agendas at an industry or country level (financial inclusion)
– Lead department contribution to Omanization targets through the setting of goals/KPIs in relation to the hiring and development of Omani Nationals in the workforce
– Ensure all activities are carried out according to bank’s policies, procedures, and standards
– Participate in other related initiatives and projects as assigned or other duties as assigned by management

Minimum Experience & Qualification Required:
– 10-12 years of experience in similar roles
– A bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business Management

Skills & Knowledge:
– Leadership and Team Management
– Strategic planning
– Ability to manage multiple stakeholders (internal and external)
– Strong communication and language skills (written and verbal)
– Creativity and ideation
– Commitment to continuous learning
– Ability to adapt
– Networking skills
– Ability to gain market intelligence
– Technological awareness
– Advisory and consultative skills

This job announcement is valid until 07/12/2024

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