Growth from
small beginnings

Small and Medium Enterprises

We at Oman Arab Bank believe that Small and Medium Enterprises play a vital role in developing the national economy through providing employment opportunities and encouraging self-employment. For a Small and Medium business, timely finance is key to make the most of business opportunities. At Oman Arab Bank, we have many innovative financial products that can make all the difference to your business success.

Towards meeting this objective, we have introduced TOMOUHY* to provide the necessary financial solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

TOMOUHY covers:

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Term Loans for Capital Expenditure
  • Contracts and Equipment Finance
  • Import and Export Finance
  • Other Financing

Who is eligible for TOMOUHY ?
Any well managed, profit making business that has a valid commercial registration and business operation in the Sultanate is eligible to apply for SME finance.

Are new businesses/ start-ups eligible for TOMOUHY ?
Yes, new start-ups with a viable business plan can also qualify for SME finance.

Do I need to provide collateral to cover the requested facilities?
Collateral may or may not be required depending on the strength of financials, business model and the risk associated with the proposal.

Who should I contact for TOMOUHY?

For more information, please visit the nearest Oman Arab Bank Branch or call “Fil Khidma” Call Centre on 24754444.