Relationship Manager

Division: Corporate & Institutional Banking Division

Department: Mid Markets Enterprise

Role Objective:

To execute a series of activities related to SME vertical which includes managing portfolio of accounts, review their facilities (funded & non funded) and process requests such as clearing cheques, issuance of performance bonds etc. as per the bank’s internal procedures and set guidelines.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Overall responsibility of managing # Accounts/existing portfolio for Mid-Market segment.
  2. Responsible for execution of activities of the department which includes:
  • Providing loans to customers (mid-market segment) post verifying the documents submitted and the details provided by them, and checking the bracket they fit in to avail the required loan amount.
  • Providing working capital to customers for their business or any particular project to continue its functionality with no hindrance, especially financial issues holding them back.
  • Responsible for the project finance so the flow is undisturbed and regulated as per banks’ policies & guidelines
  • Overlook the capital expenditure so that it is being rightfully spent and no unnecessary expenses are made hurting the bank’s revenues

3. Liaise with customers to understand their needs and facilities such as overdraft, working capital etc. required and provide them with the necessities so that their work is not stalled from the banks’ end.

  1. Develop internal proposals for clients summarizing the following:
  • Background of client
  • Structure of the company
  1. Monitor and keep a keen vigil over the facilities the bank provides its customers, which is further categorized into two main aspects like: -Funded facilities (term loans, interests, overdrafts) -Non-Funded (tender Bond, Advance, LOCs, Bank guarantees)
  2. Review the overdue of portfolios and the expired facilities of corporate customers and inform the team about the same with necessary guidance for them to take an appropriate action regarding the issue as per banks’ policies & regulations.
  3. Authorized for working towards the growth of the business by handling the revenue aspects diligently and would be held responsible for the developments of the business, as would have the key decision-making authority.


Bachelor’s Degree in general or Business Administration/Banking, Finance, Accounting or equivalent field.


Minimum 6 to 7 years of general banking experience is required with a preference related directly to Commercial Banking.

Special Skills & Knowledge:

  • Excellent Communication & Negotiation skills
  • Strong Leadership & People Management skills
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Customer Orientation
  • Knowledge of banking terms
  • Know the laws and instructions issued by the regulatory
  • Knowledge of the principles of the facilities
  • Knowledge of the principles of trade finance
  • Working knowledge of the principles of banking (Customer service / deposits / … etc.)

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