Regulatory Compliance Officer

Division: Compliance Division
Section: Regulatory Compliance Section

Job Summary:
To execute and perform a range of activities related to compliance review under Compliance regulatory section which includes performing regular and comprehensive compliance assessment to all departments, testing the departmental operations to ensure they are in accordance to the approved compliance review plan which will ensure promoting a strong compliance culture throughout the organisation.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Liaise with all departments and branches to review and assess their internal policies and procedures along with internal processes followed to assist the business line management and ensure that the applicable CBO requirements are incorporated in the policies, procedures and processes.
2. Responsible for preparing internal compliance review reports, outlining the compliance result/findings to be submitted to the manager in a timely manner.
3. Assist CBO for performing external audit within the Bank, analyze the reason for violation of compliance if any and follow up with departments and branches regularly to provide update on CBO examination reports findings for onward submission to CBO.
4. Responsible for updating the compliance chart (checklist) for any new guideline or requirement from CBO and distribute it to all departments and branches from time to time.
5. Liaise with departments and branches on compliance findings and ensuring that they are closed and resolved in a timely and effective manner.
9. Act as a channel of communication between departments/branches and CBO to maintain the bank integrity and protocol.
10. Coordinate with departments and branch and assist them in any query or issue related to compliance matters.
11. Complete all other tasks as delegated by management or reporting Manager.

Qualification & experience required:
– Higher diploma in Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Banking or equivalent field
– No experience required

Special Skills & Knowledge:

– Must have English language Knowledge
– Personal and interpersonal skills
– Attention to Details
– Must have knowledge of applicable laws and regulations
– Good problem solving skills
– Excellent relationship building skills
– Must have basic computer knowledge

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