Client Management Officer in PCM

Division: Corporate & Institutional Banking Division

Department: Payment & Cash Management

Payments and Cash Management (PCM) as a concept stems from the common requirement of all Corporates both large and small, to manage their funds and related affairs, in the most efficient manner. In order to achieve this, the PCM proposition of any Financial Services Organisation attempts to deliver a series of products/services and solutions that are mostly driven by technology. Internet Banking, Remote Cheque Deposit, Payments solutions are some of the various propositions that PCM could offer as part of the platter of solutions to Corporate Customers, in the typical PCM arena.

This role will initially cover two aspects that fall within the PCM Client Management function, namely, Client Implementation and Client Services.

The role will cover all of the Channels/Products/Services that fall within the purview of PCM, namely, Internet Banking, Host to Host, RDC, SWIFT etc, and any other innovative Solutions, as and when they are introduced into the PCM mainstream over the next 24 months.

This role will also be responsible for working very closely with IT Teams to ensure work to enhance/fix are progressed during appropriate time frames.

The job holder will also be expected to work closely with the rest of the PCM outfit, typically, Sales and Product as well.

Educational qualifications and requirements:

1. Bachelor Degree.

2. Preferable 2 years Banking experience during which Payments and Cash Management or a relevant client facing function should have been a primary area of work.

3. A very high overall understanding of technology and areas related to technology is vital (however this does not translate to technical qualifications).

4. Knowledge of most of the key Microsoft products such as, Word, Excel, PowerPoint is essential.

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