Call Centre Agent

Division: Retail Banking Group

Department: Digital Banking 

Role Objective:

To execute a range of duties of the Retail Banking Department of OAB and ensure timely and effective completion of all activities within the agreed timelines and guidelines set and followed by the Organisation.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for attending calls of the customers with queries, which needs to be attended to & resolved timely.
  2. Resolve complaints of the callers i.e. customers of the bank, which may include transferring the call to other departments for further clarification of the questions asked by them.
  3. Follow the script and procedures issued by the bank so as to attend to the queries as per the standard method while on call with the customers as per banks’ policies & guidelines.
  4. Responsible for cross selling a service or a product of the bank post attending to the queries of the customers for them to be further benefitting by the same.
  5. Accountable for transferring the calls of the customers to the required department so that their issue is resolved at the earliest by the concerned executive of the particular department itself.
  6. Coordinate between departments to resolve queries i.e. reach out to other departments, so as to provide a better solution to the customer on call for them to feel satisfied.
  7. Develop reports on weekly & monthly basis on the list of customer queries attended to, how many resolved amongst them and how many calls were again received since the issues weren’t resolved, as per banks’ policies & guidelines.
  8. Perform increasing & decreasing limits for cards as per customers feasibility to avail higher or lower levels of limits, as per their salary structure.
  9. Activate cards for customers if they are travelling abroad so that they could enjoy the benefits of the card even while on tour, which would make them stay attached to the bank for long.

Educational Qualification:

Diploma or High School

Special Skills & Knowledge:

  • Good Communication skills in English & Arabic
  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking
  • Maintain customer relationship
  • Problem solving
  • Personel & inter-personal skills
  • Computer literate especially in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint

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