Anti-Money Laundering Officer

Division: Compliance Division
Department: Anti-Money Laundering Department

Job Summary:
To carry out range of activities related to Anti- Money Laundering department which includes investigating and assessing the customer transaction alerts relating to potential money laundering risk in the bank, collect documented proof for the same, built and maintain case files for each suspicious transaction in a timely manner within the guidelines set and followed by the bank to safeguard bank interest.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for daily monitoring of the customer transaction and any suspicious alerts relating to potential money laundering risk in the bank within the guidelines set and procedures followed by the Bank.
2. Ensure that the suspicious alerts if any are promptly reviewed, monitored and escalated timely to the manager without any delay.
3. Responsible for monitoring financial transaction to international countries specially to high risk countries for all customers through safe watch monitoring program, review all the transaction details correctly and seek for the reason of payment and necessary approval on the same.
4. Coordinate with various branches and business units for matters related to irregular or suspicious transaction in customer account, obtaining information or documents related to customer account or a particular transaction for performing review.
5. Liaise with the branches and internal business units for providing them guidance and support on matters related to AML in an effective manner.
6. Periodically visit branches to audit their operations related to Know Your Customer (KYC), new account opening, money transfers etc to ensure they are in compliance with the CBO guidelines.
7. Complete all other tasks as delegated by management or reporting Manager.

Experience & Qualifications Required:
– Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance/Banking or equivalent field
– No experience required

Special Knowledge & Sills:

– Must have English language Knowledge
– Personal and interpersonal skills
– Attention to Details
– Good problem solving skills
– Strong Analytical skills
– Accuracy
– Must have basic computer knowledge with Microsoft Office

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